Zero config holding pages ⚡

Concentrate on building your next awesome product, not another holding page: point your domain at launchloop and let us take care of it. Fast and free—you don’t even need an account.

It’s your domain, so use it

Your shiny new domain should work for you, not the registrar you bought it from. All you need to get started is to create an A record pointing at, launchloop’s primary IP address.

AI-generated holding page copy.
Every domain pointing at launchloop is scaffolded with AI-generated content and imagery which can be customised to your liking.
No account needed.
Anonymous domains allow time-limited basic editing, and you can always create an account later for further customisation.

Gauge interest upfront

Why wait until launch day to start building an audience when you can start the moment you register your dream domain?

Build a subscriber list.
Allow visitors to sign up for email launch updates - for free.
See who's looking.
Every site supports basic page view analytics so you can see whether those launch pushes are working.
Add featured tweets.
You're probably using Twitter already; embed a build-along thread for low-friction updates.

Fast. Secure. Search engine friendly.

Your registrar’s default holding page will be slow and ad-ridden—and those ads will help them, not you. Launchloop’s pages are fast, lightweight, and follow modern best practices. Every site even gets its own SSL certificate to increase trust and boost SEO rankings.

You know what’s cool? Prelaunch.

Discover startups before they’ve started and find new products before anyone else. Explore a like-minded community of other loopers.

See and support upcoming launches.
All upcoming launches are featured on the main launchloop website, so you can discover what's taking off soon.
Gain exposure for your own launch.
All upcoming launches includes yours! Gain support and confidence ahead of the big day as other builders discover and support your project.

Celebrate launch days

Our favourite moment is when a page becomes a product and no longer points at launchloop. Each one of those moments completes a ‘loop’ ∞.

Automatic loop tracking.
We'll keep tabs on your holding page and get the party poppers out as soon as it flies the nest. You'll get a shiny new loop count every time that happens.
Stay in the loop.
See how your favourite makers are doing with their own launches and congratulate them on completing their own loops.

Made by makers. Made for makers.

I made launchloop after growing tired of each shiny new domain I registered pointing at terrible stock holding pages promoting the interests of the registrar over the registrant. I also wanted something which would hold me to account and force me to launch something, which launchloop’s time limited holding pages certainly do!

Frequently asked questions

What does zero config mean?

Create an A record for your domain pointing at and out pops a holding page. That's zero config.

What if I don't like the automatically generated content for my domain?

All automatically generated content can be edited, even on 'anonymous' sites without a known owner (on a limited basis).

I could only edit the site I pointed at launchloop for a few minutes - what happened?

Anonymous domains can be edited for a few minutes after creation at which point they're locked. Sign up for a free account and claim an anonymous domain to edit it indefinitely.

Do you provide SSL certificates?

Yes, via the wonderful LetsEncrypt service. All registered sites (not anonymous sites) are automatically provisioned with a free SSL certificate.

Is the site free?

Yes, and all features are available on the free plan, but we will shortly be limiting the number of sites free users can manage.

Help! My site has stopped working!

Anonymous sites only last for a few days. If you want to keep your site active, sign up for a free account and claim it.

I signed up for an account but my site has still been deactivated

Launchloop is all about launching: every free site must launch within 90 days of creation.

What will I get for pro membership?

The exact perks of pro are being finalised, but you'll get a longer grace period in which you can launch each site and be able to manage more of them at once.

Pro membership coming soon

launchloop is free to use and and we won’t feature gate any functionality behind paid subscriptions. When paid plans are available free users will be limited in how many sites they can manage. Pro members won’t.

Get in the loop and start launching.